Introducing The Blend

What is ‘The Blend’?

What is the ‘blend’ and how can it benefit you? Blend is a healthy and nutritious way of incorporating more vegetables into your diet by replacing a portion of your mince with diced mushrooms. Not only are you reducing your meat consumption, but your meals will have less fat, fewer calories and lower cholesterol than if they were prepared with meat alone.

How does ‘The Blend’ benefit me?

The Mushroom Bureau wanted to make blend accessible for all families. They focused on easy family recipes to make mealtimes easy. For example, the Shepherd’s Pie recipe with 50% meat and 50% mushrooms is much healthier than preparing it with just meat. A quarter (26%) of the calories and a third (31%) of the fat disappear. What’s more, cholesterol levels are reduced by 40% and folic acid is increased by 112%.

For a spicier mid-week meal, the keema curry has similarly fantastic nutritional benefits. Despite all the delicious veggies already packed into the curry, it’s the mighty mushroom that brings cholesterol down by a staggering 40%, calories by 14% and fat by over a fifth (21%). 

With all these incredible health benefits, you’ll be pleased to know you lose none of the taste. The rich, umami flavour of mushrooms actually enhances the meaty flavours of your dishes giving them a real punch. If you liked your Bolognese before, wait until you try it with a mushroom boost.

How do I join ‘The Blend’?

Blending is very easy. Simply dice your mushrooms, stalks and all, very finely with a sharp knife to match the consistency of mince. Alternatively, if you have a blender at home, place the mushrooms in and blitz for about 5-10 seconds to achieve the same result.

The Mushroom Bureau have developed lots of new healthy and delicious recipes using blended mince and mushrooms, taking all the thinking work away from you. Check them out here.

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